I’m not talking about the mid-80’s television show, I’m talking about the pain that comes from growing up..

There is a secret that no one told you as a child. Being an adult is a trap. Rely on your parents a long as possible. Bills suck. Boys suck. Life is really full of sucky things. When you’re a kid, grown-ups are cool cause they get to do what they want. They don’t have bossy parents and they can eat ice cream whenever they want. Although at 22 that’s basically the same, being 22 does have some downfalls.

First, bills. No one warned you that living, with or without roommates, is expensive. You account for the obvious; rent, electric, water, but you never expect things like toilet paper, dish soap, and remembering trash pick-up days. These little things add up. That Apple Music subscription costs you $10 a month. IS it really worth it? Compared to $10 in gas and $10 in music, I think I’d go with the first option. That is where learning money management is so important. I’m not saying I’m perfect at it. I doubt that I ever will be. But, it’s truly something to work on. Prioritize your life, but don’t forget to treat yourself. It’s a balance. If you can only afford $100 in extra spending, that’s fine! Start doing free things in the community. Take your dog for a walk. Hike a trail or just go for a walk. Experiment with recipes. $100 can go pretty far when you’re not buying drinks at the bar all the time.

Which brings me to point two, boys. Being single at this age, really isn’t that bad. But, when it is bad, it’s really bad. It seems as if there is no in between. I either adore being single or I want to cry anytime I see someone share physical affection with their bae. Social media doesn’t help either. People in relationships feel the need to over share and single people just pine for a partner. What happened to being straight forward? I like you, you like me, we like each other, let’s go on a date. Did that become too simple in a world constantly trying to advance? And what happens to people like me, who believe that those who want to be in my life will fight to be in it? Ergo, if I guy wants to be with me, he will be forward about it. Am I destined to be single because I prefer men who are bold enough make a first move? No, I don’t believe that shit. I deserve love the same way everyone else does. I’m not asking for the perfect guy, just one that gets me.

I’m afraid being 22. Being this age means that I’m on my own. If I ruin my life, it’s on me. I can’t blame bad teachers or my mom. It’s all on me. That’s the most terrifying part of growing up. You are responsible for the mistakes and consequences. Yet, it is the most rewarding part. When you do well, you know it’s because YOU did it. Not anyone else. Being a twenty-something is not about brunch and likes on Instagram, although they might be nice. This age is when you discover, grow, learn, and fight for your success. It’s not supposed to look glamorous. It’s hard and gritty.

But damn, if it isn’t fun. 




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