I’m only 22 years old, hence, Diagnosis 22. I made this blog so that I can just write about anything I find interesting. It might be the ramblings of my mind, but it, more than likely, will be me questioning every decision I make for the next few years; and, that’s okay. I’m not supposed to know it all right now. I’m lucky that I know the things I do. I can wash clothes and check the oil in my car. I’m totally able to discuss politics, social issues, and a wide range of dog facts. I have a broad mind that is yearnin’ for learnin’. I want to know things. More things. All things. I want to experience life. 

Yet, I have no idea what the f**k I’m doing. I’m not going to school. I have a job, although it is completely unfulfilling. The highlight of my day is when my roommates are home and I can talk to someone about something with substance. I’m working as a cashier and struggling to care about a job that seems so meaningless. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have ambitions. I want to direct movies that change lives and a nice home with children. Make a difference. I want to motivate people to follow their dreams, regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, or social status. Yet, I’m stuck asking “how are you today?” 100x a night.

I know that dreams aren’t achieved overnight. I understand that not everyone is leading the same path. I have no fear of that. In fact, being different from my peers is a good thing to me. I don’t want to have a child, husband, and a suburban home at 25. And it’s fine if you do. But I want to travel, spend my weekends, weeks, months, years finding out everything about what is around me. Even in my back yard. Drink my way through every local pub & restaurant. Dance until early morning with my friends. Hike mountains and trails.

I’m young and capable, with nothing but time on my hands.

So, let’s discover what life holds before it runs away; grow old with experience and not in years. 

Welcome to Diagnosis 22! 



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