In case you haven’t noticed, this generation of twenty-something males has been abducted by horny aliens. At least that’s what I’m assuming. Between the 2 am ‘You up?’ texts and a revolving door of Tinder matches looking for some action, I’d rather just stay single.

I mean look, I like to be wined and dined. I want to know that I’m wanted for my mind and my soul. Because I’m more than just another girl you won’t cook breakfast for. Growing up I was taught that women must be careful about men’s intentions. Unfortunately, that puts all men at an arms length for the majority of the “talking” phase and rarely do they get past that. Being single for all of college and into my early twenty taught me so much more about myself. Having this time to focus on my likes/dislikes, loves, passions, friends, family, and ultimately, myself, gave me time to truly develop into a well-rounded young woman. Some would say that I missed out on development, but I disagree. I’m proud of who I am today.  Since I decided to focus on myself I found a passion for reading and journaling. Using this as an outlet, my mind has broadened and my horizons are brighter. I now know that I could never be with someone who didn’t rub my back after a stressful day, or sent me a funny picture of a corgi cause they knew I was feeling down. I couldn’t be with a person who didn’t think of those little things because those things are important to me and show that you care. I want someone who can listen, interpret, and speak; truly can communicate with me, not at me. I’m looking for someone that can understand me better than I know myself. Therefore, I’m not here for hook-ups and college shenanigans. I want something real.

Don’t ask me to ‘chill’, ask me to dinner. Let’s just sit and talk about your favorite tv shows, books, paintings, your passions and your dreams. If you let me into your mind, I promise that the one night stand you were hoping for will turn into something much better. Connection. My generation is so caught up in likes on photos that we forget about the people behind them. This ‘connection’ we’re fabricating through likes and comments is destroying our ability to actually communicate. I don’t want a guy who likes all my photos. I want someone who writes me little notes before work and understands every part of who I am, because what’s so scary about falling in love? Wanting to know these things about another person, the highs the lows? Making a lasting connection is much more valuable to me than your sad 2 am texts. Make me feel wanted and cared for. Then, just maybe, I’ll Netflix & chill with you.




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